What Is Your Wellness Program?

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We have a corporate wellness program that GEICO, the car insurance company, and now Pepco, the energy company, have participated in, and this program is developed based on our research that we did, we did a large 10 site study. We looked at 10 different sites of the GEICO company across the country from California, to New York, to Florida, and we looked at a plant based diet that was low in fat and we compared that to just the usual diet that people were eating and we saw dramatic results in those following the plant based diet these are people weight go down cholesterol plummet and those with diabetes some of them were able to eat and get off their medications, and their doctors told them we could never tell that you ever had diabetes before.

And so because of this research project we thought we'd like to spread this, create this into a corporate wellness program so that other companies can benefit from it. So GEICO currently has some staff who are leading these nutrition classes that we led during our research project and teaching their employees how to follow a healthy low fat plant based diet.