What Do You Eat When You Go Out for Lunch?

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I like black bean patty burgers. So I like the bun and the mustard and the lettuce and tomato but I like the black bean patty. It's lower fat, it's got a lot of fiber which helps me feel full longer and draws all of the cholesterol out of my body and any kind of big green salad where you can put gabons of beans, kidney beans, so I get a lot of protein but a lot of my greens.

So usually I'm big green salad or veggie chili, working it a lot of mix of vegetables and moguls and beans. So really anything I like to be plant based, so I like to get in a lot of fruits and vegetables. I like to focus on whole grain so instead of white bread and white rice, I like to eat brown rice, like to try different types of foods like quinoa, which is like a perfect protein.

I eat little bit of soya, it's not really heavy in my diet being of Indian decent, I din't grow up eating a lot of soya but sometimes enjoy some edomae or some organic tofu on my salad for extra protein.