How Do We Solve a Healthcare Problem that Will Take a Cultural Shift to Solve?

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So I think there are several parts to it, and one is part of health care, professionals, we need to educate the public, we need to educate each others and patients on proper nutrition. So that means focusing on plant based diet, focusing on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes and staying away from the fats and a lot of the animal fats, fatty meats, fatty cheeses.

Our meat and cheese and sugar consumption has tripled in the last 30 years, and as that has happened, we're going thicker and bigger, there is also the politicians and the law makers and decision makers. I think their part is really making this health foods available, so that means making them affordable for everybody and making them available, we've talked a lot recently about food deserts and really having a lot of even small grocery stores or convenient stores full of fruits and vegetables and giving people some incentives to purchase these foods.

So for example when these food desert this small convenient food are very small grocery stores somebody on food stems dollar for dollar on skidos or a chocolate bar is the same value as an apple or banana or broccoli and so really when those fruits and vegetables aren't unavailable, they are just unhealthy fatty junk food that's available for people so we need to make these healthier food affordable and available.