Changing Healthcare to Treat the Whole Person

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Traditionally, when we think about western medicine the western physicians traditional alpathetics physicians have been trained, it's treating the illness, and not really focusing on preventing but rather now that don't [xx] how do we treat it. We've if you enjoy yourself you're in an accident and you break a bone, you want to be treated in a western hospital that's where we're experts.

Well, we are not is treating the body as a whole, and that's where the idea of preventive medicine comes in. We need to educate the public, we need to educate each other and patients on proper nutrition. So, that means focusing on a plant based diet, focusing on fruits and vegetables, whole grain, beans legumes and staying away from the fats, and a lot of the animal fat.

Two thirds of the population overweight or obese in this country, diabetes to over 25 million people in this country with diabetes, and we're spending billions of dollars in healthcare developing medications, treatments, hospital visits and where has it gotten us. We are in the worst health fight we've ever been in.

This is really what's spoken to the health professionals in the health field in this country and all over the world that we need to start elsewhere. We need to start at the root of the problem. Integrative medicine, is the combination of this traditional irobetic Western medicine, using medications, and the traditional hospital and clinic visit, and combining that in a very complementary way, which some of the old styles of medicine like irobetic that was developed thousands of years ago in India, or traditional Chinese medicine, using herbs, and other kinds of alternative ways of treating illnesses, and combining these two types of treatment.

So, using conventional medicine and complimenting that with alternative methods of treatment. So, I think there is certainly a place for technology, sometimes an MRI or CT scans can save someones life, and I think that it has a place for it, but I think we need to get back to basics and that is, basic exercise, basic social interaction for mental health and stress management, and looking at what we're putting in our body.

We so quickly will genetically engineer fruits and vegetables, we make lots of different medication, and we still readily put those in our body. But when it comes to eating more fruits and vegetables, people question, well, do I need to do this? Should I? I don't like the taste, and I think we need to change that around and really focus on the basics.

The future of medicine the way that I see it is going t really focus on lifestyle changes and prevention. This is the direction that we have to go and we've tried the other way, we've tried working backwards and treating the illness once its developed, and we're failing miserably.

We're failing the public, we're failing out patients, and we need to do right by them and make some changes.