What Is One Thing That Excites You About Healthcare IT Right Now?

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At the middle level, right, the quality and the quantity of talented entrepreneurs invading healthcare is what excites me the most, because that to me is the best predictor of future success. And the kind of things we are doing are just astonishing as you expect from entrepreneurs.

I was a health care tech entrepreneur my entire life, right and the one thing I really learned about being a tech entrepreneur is that if you get the best people, you win, simple as that. If you don't becomes a little more difficult so the premiums are getting the best people. The same thing can be said for entrepreneurial ecosystems right? If your art[sp?] for ecosystem attracts the best entrepreneurs then it will win, it doesn't mean everyone in it will win, but the ecosystem as a whole, right, will basically produce more results, and what I think we're now seeing is that healthcare and predictably in the section of health care tech and data, is attracting more and more of the best entrepreneurs on the planet and that just gives me enormous hope for the future and it means the optimism about what they are doing to reinvent health care.