How Are You Making Health Data Accessible to Entrepreneurs and the Public?

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Yeah, so a great example o this. If you now go actually, you can now see something like 1600 major information resources, general information resources that are available in machine readable form for the entrepreneurs and public to use. The latest examples is something called open FTA, which is this fantastic new application programming interface that allows developers every where to easily tap into, millions and millions of FDA adverse drug event reports, which were very difficult to get in parts before, but now are provided in a easy-to-use, machine readable form via this API and folks are already building apps on top of it to be followed by information part labels and part recalls later, right? And that's really vital information to have in the hands of consumers and providers and this combination of the federal government making it easily accessible, this data, combined with the ingenuity of project entrepreneurs who can then tap into this data and produce all kinds of useful apps and services and features.

That's magic in the making and it also helps to power job creation and economic growth.