Does the Government Need the Private Sector to Drive Technology?

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Is my focus really on technical innovation policy and I think that when it comes to this great opportunity we have in front of us to grow the economy to help  improve health care education sector the task at hand is really an all hands on task through it how can the public sector and the private sector sector collaborate to make magic happen.

So a great example of these in action is one of the initiatives that we've championed that has been a huge shaping up called the Open Data Initiative Program, and the whole idea here is to take data the [xx] and brought it to the government, and while I was protecting private security, open up that data, so that it's raw material, fuel, for based in the hands of entrepreneurs in the public.

For the inspiration for this was the US coming to release decades ago weather data which laid hours the foundation of the model whether industry as out branzilian even took that data from Noah, right then trying to weather focus some global weather apps, weather insurance and much more, another example is what happened when president Reagan in an effort that was completed by president Clinton opened up something called GPS.

The Global Positioning System which was originally built for military but then it got opened up as a platform for public good that anyone can utilize for free that offcorse has led to everything from the navigation systems in a car to position crop farming, Porsha square and occasion based as and much, much of more so weather and GPS was the tip of the iceberg in terms of U.

S govern has or opening up that data so that entrepreneurs innovators all over can tap in to that data for free and use it as well material to fuel all kinds of application and services that no one organization can possibly dream of [xx].