What Kinds of Cancer Can Be Treated with Immunotherapy?

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That's right, right now we only have hydro center looking[sp?] 2 for patients with metastatic melanoma and the metastatic kidney cancer, the [xx] the trial was done in a patients with melanoma it's not clear that there are other tumors that are going to have higher response rates or significant response rates.

Most of the data available for anti-PT1 is also in melanoma, but there is evidence that patients with smoking induced lung cancers can respond, again very high mutation rates in those cancers, but not at all clear that there will be a significant response rate in other tumor types.

That's information that's being gathered as we speak, and we should know a lot more about that in the next year or two, but I think it's unlikely that the other common epithelial cancers, the common cancers as opposed to the liquid tumors, the hematologic cancers. I doubt there's going to be very high response rates in most other cancer histologies.