Is It Possible to Have Individual Drugs for Each Cancer Patient?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] We're all beginning to see the start of that kind of treatment. There's at least four companies that are now attempting to develop self transfer therapies against patients with low performance based on the targeting of CD19. This molecule on performance and normal B cells, wipes out the lymphomas but also wipes out normal B-cells but you can live without your B-cells if you get them in a glandular infusions.

And so they are working on approaches in which you would send either cells, tumor cells so you can isolate let me said from those tumors that recognize cancer or normal circulating cells that can be genetically engineered, that will then add essential source be used to isolate the drug, the cell , ship it back to a hospital for infusion into the patient.

And so that's beginning now, it doesn't exist now but there are at least four well funded companies, that are trying to develop this new approach to treating cancer. We have to do better than we're doing today. And if it's going to require this entirely new way to treat cancer on a personalized basis well so be it.

I'm much less worried about what is going to make pharmaceutical companies money as I am in finding effective treatments with a realization that if you can find something that works. Again the genius of American industry will find a way to do it in a way that can get it more widespread and also make money for that company.