What Can Be Done to Improve the Outcome for the Next Generation of Physicians?

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I would try to involve all the young physicians and trainees in these efforts so that it wasn't just the older people setting what should be done and forcing people to do this but bringing them along for the ride. I'd always hoped that the American Medical Association would try to do that as an extremely complex organization as you know and today there are maybe only 15% of physicians that belong to the AMA.

And yet that is the voice of American medicine and maybe it's time for the younger people to stand up and create the kind of organization that they need to portray the needs that they feel are necessary in medicine. For example when kids go to medical school, apart from the financial commitment there's an enormous intellectual and emotional commitment to stay the course for those four years.

And the enthusiasm and altruism that they have to do that, should never be with us, it's that spirit in the young people that you want to employ, and really use as people develop more and more into the depth of the outer region of their profession, and medicine offers that. A career in medicine is always challenging, it's always emotionally exciting and it's actually to me, the ultimate, you're caring for the soma and the psyche of the human being.

I mean what more could you ask for as a challenge on a daily basis and to find that spirit so early in young people's career the day they enter medical school and are forced into these behaviors, that are required by the rules and regulations, is to be a great sadness.