What Are Some of the Challenges That Face the Next Generation of Physicians?

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I know that when young physicians come to consider going to medical school, often times people say to them why are you doing this, you're crazy, you are going to have to check any debt, and apart from that you're not going to enjoy your life as a physician. When I hear that I get completely upset about that and I hear our association saying the problem is the younger generation, who are just techies and they don't really care about that, and I hear the younger physicians or the younger trainees saying, where were the older people when they needed them, when this boat was starting to go down, somebody should have been at the steering wheel and preventing that from happening, and that didn't happen.

Now I do think that in most aspects of life in a civilization, there are always needs to be some consideration of the philosophy and the culture of whatever one is doing whether it's accounting on Wall Street or whether it's broadcasting or being a physician, and when that starts being filtered after that profession, then in fact that's when the problem ensue.

That's the risk that medicine is facing right now, and I do think there are ways of overcoming that and correcting that. But the longer we wait before we start that, we are going to have to go back on all the other problems that have been created, and unfortunately all of the healthcare planning to me is based on what's happened in the last 20 years.

That is just the resource base relative value scale and if you talk to any physician. I have never spoken to a single physician who believes that the resource based relative value scale and coding method that we use actually adds to the quality of the encounter between the patients and the physician, and yet we all have to do that all the time, and they have to teach that.

And one of the early problems that I see with these students is that, the older physicians say, look we know this is ridiculous but you have to do it, and how can the students really be enthusiastic, and how can they be believing in the physicians who are training them when they're saying we're doing things we don't believe in?.