What Does the Future of Technology with Athletic Training Look Like?

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Well first of all we're going to see so much more camera, intimate camera, where we're going to see a lot more, there's no longer that obscure kind of even now it's changing but in the future we're going to see more and more of that like what is he looking at? What is he seeing and what are all is vital, what power is he at? What heart rate is she at? What speed are they going? What percentage of their maximum is this? And really in depth to look at it and able to identify how does this compare to the last time they went up that climbing and the Tour de France in our race, what speed are they cornering at? Who took the best line? All that information is going to be able to be displayed on the screen, and you're going to be able to customize what you watch, and I bet you, you're going to be able to do it while you're working out, so you're going to have your treadmill going, and you're going to be almost interacting with this experience of those athletes racing.