How Has Technology Improved Precision in Training?

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Technology has enabled me to be so much more precise. In fact I know the guys who still wanna say, I don't need that stuff, then you really know that they are not being precise about their training. And for guy, I got two kids, I cannot be wasting time training, not like when I was 21.

Let's just do a bunch of work. We throw a whole bunch of stuff at the wall some of it will stick, the hard work will pay up. Now, I have to work really hard, I have to be very precise with what I do because I have so much more that I have to balance in my life. So I'll go for a ride, and the coach will prescibe.

You need to do first 30 minutes at 240 to 260 watts. I want you to do 8 by 30 seconds at 440 watts, I want you to do 2 by 15 minutes at 330 watts with three minutes recovery and then I want you to do a series of hill climbs of 5 minutes long at 405 watts. And you better be precise about it, because if you don't go through that formula properly, by the end a, you're not going to finish the workout, or b, you're not going to get as much as out of it.

So that will be an example of precision. I can do the same in the pool, and the same running now.