How Has Technology Changed Your Training Regimen?

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It's amazing quite honestly, I think back to 2000 when, after I won in Sydney and I first got something that could kind of measure the power that was going through my bike so we can kind of qualify, what would happen today, what was the load today? To now where I can compare it with live timing, I can compare it with the guy beside me I can compare to a guy in Istanbul, I can compare to a guy in Australia in live time, and the apps, I can put it on my smart phone.

It's incredible, it's fan, it's really fun, I enjoy it, I enjoy the social element to it and I enjoy the friends I've met through it. There are guys I know where I lived in Victoria, they've been there for 10 years, never met them before, or have been on the rise didn't know them, now we share the experience on Strava and Garmin connect, and I know who they are, what's up Dave? That's a great ride you did the other day to see the highlands, that was amazing.

We connected and then shared experience now to something very specific to us.