What Is the Council's Role in the Area of Nutrition?

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As it relates to nutrition certainly our role especially in the school based setting and with certainly seen in the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act where the taxpayer dollars that are going into schools we've made a stand and said these foods need to be nutritious, parents are counting on schools to provide a healthy nutritious meal for our kids, and we don't want all of our work as parents at home to be thrown out of the window when they get to school and to not have the healthy choices and nutritious choices that we think they should have, so in the is a vending machines in the area of competitive foods in schools and certainly in the area of school lunch programs I we're seeing very positive feedback from schools, change is hard, change is absolutely hard, so where we're seeing some resistance in places, many of that has been overcome as more education, more training, becomes available, it isn't easy to change the way our professional school lunch preparers prepare food, they know  what they've known for as many years as they've been in the profession, so now change it up and say we're going to take the fryers out and put the ovens in and be able to retrain them on how to prepare foods in a more healthy way.

It takes time and it's change, sometimes change is hard, but by in large we're seeing very positive outcomes and feedback from kids, from parents, from teachers and from our nutrition professionals.