What Is the Connection Between the President's Council and Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" Initiative?

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[BLANK-AUDIO] Our connection with the first lady and the first lady's Let's Move Initiative is that we are one of about 16 federal agencies that lift up Let's Move! We happen to be the lead federal agency for Let's Move! Active Schools. So for that sub-initiative and there are many other sub-initiatives like Child Care, and Let's Move! Cities, Towns and Counties and Let's Move! Outdoors etc.

Ours focuses on schools, so obviously we work with department of education as well, centers for disease control and other federal agencies join us in the, Let's Move! Active Schools initiative. But our goal is to change the culture in schools to be one that supports physical activity.

So this is physical activity-centric and our goal is to really build out the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Model. And all that means is that we know in order to create change, to truly change the culture, we've got to look at not only quality physical education and that's important, but how can we infuse physical activity into the classroom? Into before and after school programs? How can we engage school staff and faculty? And then the fifth pillar is Community and Parent Engagement.

So, only if we address all of those areas, are we going to be successful, according to this model. And Let's Move Active Schools creates champions or identifies champions in schools, and we work them through a process whereby we identify resources, and some of that might be financial, some of it other types of resources to lift up schools, to make their school an active school.