How Do You Get the Message Out About Fitness, Sports and Nutrition?

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Our biggest asset have been our council members. So we've had high profile folks and currently our co-chairs, our Drew Brees and Dominic Dowz/g, we have elite athletes and Olympians and now nutrition and celebrity chefs and the like, and I think being able to utilize their voice is our biggest asset, and with the advent of social media.

Our social media reach is something like 10 million, so with one tweet that all of our council members can send out will immediately add about 10 million impact and then it ripples out from there. So that being able to utilize that platform and those council members to get our message out has been impactful.

There are ambassadors. They are appointed by the President. They're volunteers. They go out and speak on our behalf and on the council's behalf, they carry the message and they have a reach not only to the young people but to people of all ages. So where messaging may fall on deaf ears in some cases being able to bring kind of that celebrity to the table has been shown effective and just in terms of getting people to stand up and listen.