How Do You Engage Schools?

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We engage schools in different ways. Largely, they're coming to us which is a great thing. I think that shows us that we're on the right track because once they see that we're here to support them, not to prescribe, but to say, here's the model, and if you follow these six steps, we know that we can help you create change in your school environment.

So largely they are coming to us. The folks that we're reaching out to, we're going largely by district by district. So we're going to the superintendent sharing with them about what we're doing or what our intention is, and how it can help support their schools, not only the individual students, but it really can support their school success and academic outcomes.

It's kind of a two way street. At this point we're at nearly 10, 000 schools, nearly 10, 000 schools in the first year. Our goal is to be at 50, 000 in five years.