How Is This Video Game Different from Others?

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We wanted to make a game that didn't have any violence, or explosions, or guns. A lot of the sort of negative things that people might think about when they think about games, as a way to actually make a game more accessible, and playable by kinda like more, a diverse kinda group of people then, what you might sort of traditionally associate with gaming.

People from actually all over the world, not just the United States, but like the UK, and Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and all kinds of places, and from very diverse kind of backgrounds, and students, and people working in technology, musicians, and artists, and that kind of thing.

So, it's really very diverse set of people who are coming, chill out to play the game. And I think that, that's one of the things that's really helped to see the kinds of solutions that have come out because you have a lot of different people with a lot of different ideas, and ways of looking at problems.