Can Games Make Us Healthier?

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I think, you know there's a lot of room for games to be, you know used in healthcare and everything from kinds of the things that we're interested in. Which are games that are kind of focused on solving concrete problems in biochemistry to, you know there's been a lot of work in extra games and having games, motivate people to exercise but I think there is a lot more work to be done there and kind of increasing the longevity of the kind of results that are seen in those kind of games and also games where, you know kind of raising awareness about health issues and letting people know what's going on and what kind of issues that they might face other society is facing as well and games for may be influence in peoples behavior and trying to convince them to live a little bit healthier and maybe having some kind of positive impact on individuals, so I think there's a whole like community of different ways that games can be used to compact health.