Can Gamers Solve Flu Epidemics?

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One of the really exciting new things that we're working on with [UNKNOWN] and have recently seen some good success rates. It's actually letting the players design entirely new synthetic proteins that don't actually exist yet in nature, and so the scientists are actually interested in creating proteins that have some new function that they're interested in and they can pose these problems to the players and the players can use the tools and the game to actually design a hypothetical protein and these scientists can then actually they are out of the game and synthesize it in the lab with the laboratory experiments and see if it folds up and see if it actually has the effects that looking for and we just recently had sort of a series of puzzles based on designing an enzyme where the players and the scientists kind of went back and forth with several rounds of the players making proteins in the game and the scientists testing them out in the lab and we ended up with an enzyme that's actually several times more efficient than the one that the scientists started out with.

And so we're looking and using the same process for designing new things like inhibitors for the flu virus.