Where Are We Seeing an Increase in HIV/AIDS Today?

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Today it is growing among gay men especially young gay men of color, and there are astonishing statistics. In Atlanta young gay men of color are sort of converting like 11% or 12% a year. Epidemiologists at the CDC released some data a few months ago showing that of the college age came in today at this current age of seroconversion version, half of them will have HIV by the time they are 50.

The college age gay men today, college age gay men of color today, half will have HIV by the time they're 35, so the epidemic transmission is increasing within the gay community, it's decreasing in the heterosexual community, overall it's static, but that static number roughly 50, 000 new infections a year in the US sort of hides the dynamic if it's changing within that.

So it's becoming gayer, younger, more people of color. That is the direction it's going.