What Was It Like When You First Got Diagnosed with HIV?

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The actual moment of the diagnosis, the one had been kind of expecting it because I had symptoms and I didn't get tested until the test came out in 1985 but expecting it somehow shocked was out of my body watching myself, even when I left doctor's office, doctor is a friend who was across the desk from me.

This was in 1985 and he held both my hands with his hands and he said, look Sean, these days you can have a good two years left, and I remembered it was the middle of the day and I walked out on the street, this is at Broadway in 68th Street in New York, and it was a gorgeous, beautiful day fall day, and as from walking down the sidewalk in this day and in this state of shock all the people going about their lives, going for lunch walking by me in this gorgeous day everything in my life has been turned upside down.