What Are Your Hopes for Therapy and Treatment of HIV/AIDS?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] I guess I should say my hope is for a cure, but then you get into what defines a cure. Often they say if you have breast cancer, for a woman who has a breast cancer survives five years, she is cured. So to me what is a cure? Am I cured? I feel pretty good, I'm in better health than I've been really pretty much anytime my adult life.

I have to take medication everyday. If I don't take them, I will get sick. But for all practical purposes I consider myself cured in terms of living my life and so on. So what I hope is that the drugs will continue advancing, you don't have to take them as often, there maybe a therapeutic vaccines for people who have HIV.

I think we'll see those kinds of improvements in the treatments. I am not optimistic that we will see something that will truly eradicate the virus from the human host. I don't think any virus has ever been eradicated from human host. So I'm not optimistic, that'll happen but I think the advances in medicine are going to continue with less side effects, more effective for longer period of times and less intrusive in terms of the number of pills and the frequency which which you have to take them.