Why Does It Cost so Much to Develop a New Drug?

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I think the tax center for drug development has the best cause which estimates around $1 billion and a lot of it's early on and these are the ones that make it to market, what about the ones they don't. We were working with Pfizer and Exelon and others on Alzheimer's drug, a number of companies and I'm hopeful that any company anywhere comes up with something that can help make a difference for Alzheimer's.

It's a huge unmet need we're going to see the tripling by 2050, we need to do something about it and anything that regulators, or people who are listening to this can do is a step in the right direction, but how do we do that? We don't have great measures. So you got to look at cognitive measures, how do you blind a study? Do you look get a general population and really look at if they're getting early-onset Alzheimer's, do you have to look at a plackermine? The early phase of that is so expensive and we spend so much and nobody has bought anything in the market.

That's why they're effective and we have a couple to set the corner straight inhibitors is not those one's that are out there, but nothing that really is doing what we need to for this disease, and we might find that a medicine might not be the answer, it may be a prevention medicine that's the answer not the treatment.

So I think a lot of it we don't even see where the money is being spent.