What Global Health Issues Keep You Up at Night?

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You know what keeps me up at night is that the world is not paying attention to chronic disease. It's estimated 45 trillion dollars, will be spent on chronic disease by 2020 and we will not be able to address it as people will get worse, if we don't start to prevent it. I'm also worried that we often spend too much time worried about events that might not happen and for example we might have put too much money into smallpox prevention again that could have been maybe wiser spent in terms of public health, and also we often look at the tip of the pyramid of the tertiary events.

So, new countries that are putting health systems and want to buy MRIs when maybe they should first start on immunizing their population giving them some basic clean water, some other pieces that are there and not worried only about the high end at the same time I think it's much better to have people spend money on health than spend money on weapons, so there's other issues that come into place as well.

So what worries me to sort of answer in a simple way is that we're not giving health enough emphasis and as the global institutions weaken we're going to have a threat that we're not prepared to answer in a way that the world would have expected, and they'll say, well, what happened to the WHO? What happened to the CDC? What happened to the part of government that we thought was here to protect us? And then we'll have an issue that will be very difficult for all of us to want to solve.