What Do We Need to Change About Our Healthcare System?

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I think fundamental changes in health care will continue the problem. With United States, as the system is growing and over 30 million new people on health insurance that might not even be accustomed to how to use the systems, so they'll go to an emergency room when they could go to an urgent care clinic, or maybe they can go answer some questions online with the mobile doc.

Globally, in most developed countries, there is health insurance that covers them. And the system is efficient because it's also paid through tax dollars and frankly, many countries in Europe spend less money per capita and have better health outcomes than we have here in United States. So they, mostly the ones frankly that are ex-U. S are doing everything they can to keep their cost down, because it's more centralized in both how it's budgeted, and also how people are utilizing health care.

In United States that's happening, but again it's happening through large payers insurers, Accountable Care Organizations, and this amalgam. So I think there's probably some lessons that we'll be able to learn. When we're looking at large population studies, we are looking how people are, not only in the genetic background, held a response to interventions and frankly, I think community interventions are quite successful, if you can scan anavia here whether in New York City, are you walking, are you taking mass transit, are there places in United States where we're locked to our cars, and that's not healthy.