How Will Modern Healthcare Providers Manage the Big Data Created by Mobile Sensors?

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My take is there's so much data in our websites/g, data everywhere and nobody in charge world shall we say or in information. Data is not the same as information, is not the same as evidence is not the same as wisdom. So if we look at all this sea off data how can we make it something it's simple that people can use, that's why I'm a believer in this digital/g house/g score that we can take seven key numbers and give people one number so they understand.

And then we can look at that just like we may get a great on the test we know what that is, and then we may have different numbers, so if you're a child the numbers that are going to contribute to your long term health are going to be different than if you're 50 plus or 60 plus or what have you, so I think we might eventually have this personalized digital health score that has different variables as we go through deciles of life and what gives people something that they can track.