How Is Social Media Changing the Healthcare Conversation?

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I think social media is changing the conversation in a huge way and not always the right way. Take for example vaccines, if you type in, vaccine is dangerous on Google, you'll get four out of five first sights the pop up, that will say they are and we know that science is not the case.

We have eradicated small pox, nearly eradicated polio and we have a great opportunity with vaccines, but social media is giving people the platform that honestly doesn't always have the same evidence space. At the same time, social media can be a good thing places like patients like me and others that connect people.

And for example this digital health score card that I mentioned the number, a credit score for your health, we're working with Microsoft, with health volt, with a variety of different places that people might want to share these numbers. They might want to share the information and get mobile health smoking cessation programs for the National Cancer Institute or might want to get reminders for exercise or other tips.

So I'm hopeful that it can work but I think social media at the same time is not the answer to everything.