How Do You Define mHealth?

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I define in mobile health being a device that actually gives people information to help them communicate in a two way approach. So I don't look at it as a health diagnostics, I even call it, because I headed the journal health communication, and we've done a special in M health and in that editorial, I called it, M health communication.

And I think M health communication helps remind people of what we're trying to do with these devices. They're communication devices, they are not diagnostic devices but at the same time we joked in this editorial a year ago now, and health do we have an app for that? Being evaluation.

There's either pilotidise/g or whatever you wanna call, there's hundreds or thousands of Apps, and do these work? Digital health score card App, we've done with Microsoft, happens to be on the stores, one of the top five, and that's the credible one. But some of these other ones, who's doing the checks and balances? So I think it is the M health communication, that's the piece that we can pay attention to.