How Do Public/Private Health Partnerships Work Globally?

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I am a big believer in public private partnership in fact I work on a term that we call ourselves the Johnston and Johnston MIUnit Global Health Diplomacy. And health diplomacy used to be just between governments like to help in foreign policy, what to do with post conflict, whether it's an immunization campaign or being able to deal with disaster relief.

But help diplomacy as I see it with global health diplomacy, because the private sector delivers so much health, the private sector also has a seat at the table. So new public-private partnerships whether it's the Gavi the global alliance for vaccines where you have the companies that manufacture, that make the vaccines amongst the scientist amongst the global government against the donors and amongst those that need it to help decide and help get vaccines to people around the world.

The global fund for HIV/AIDs tuberculosis and malaria that also has some public private engagement works not just governments but in money and but also private sector helping explain both the need to simplify HIV. Treatment regimes, so you have the science side, but also how to better fund where the HIV delivery systems, only 8% of it or even less than that is on medicines a lot of it is on administration and other pieces.

So the private sector comes in with public-private partnerships and health diplomacy and brings in the consumer know-how the supply chain know-how and some of the knowledge and skills that other parts of the system don't always have.