Are We Moving to a Preventative Health Healthcare System?

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I use the word we want to prevent and predict. We don't want to diagnose and treat anymore, so how do we prevent and predict, or predict and prevent shall we say? So can we get a device or can we get information. Maybe someone from genome project that we know we have these genes, they are going to predict that we are more likely to have heart disease or mental health issues.

And then how can we prevent those? So predicting them is really going to be key, that it's not just the old blood test or all the blood test are good. Hopefully, people of getting their blood test for cholestral and screening for blood sugars and so forth. But I think that we need to really change born to a predictive and prevention mode, and prevention is also secondary prevention, so detecting and treating disease early, so if somebody has a fasting blood sugar, let's say between a 100-120 or some people call pre-diabetes.

That we start to do high level diet and exercise and start maybe on some generic drugs or some other interventions that maybe helpful. That's predicting the case of they most likely will get diabetes and preventing it. So you're not preventing it when it gets worse and worried about blindness and other issues and having to use frankly more expensive inventions.