When You Peek into the Next Few Years, What Technologies or Developments Excite You the Most?

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Well you know what's really exciting me now, is that you're starting to get the brilliant engineers that were very focused on creating a solution for a problem that they did not understand realizing that it's not about a device or sensor anymore. It's about the integration on to larger scale models that can then deliver it seamlessly.

They're starting to realize, it's the design, it's the software, it's stuff that again Apple realized that it's the design element and that excites me because for the first time when we built our software we were leading the tech companies in directions because they didn't realize it and so now we're finding just in the last six months, all of them are creating open API's, Applications Programming Interfaces, which allow you to take that data, and this idea that collaboration is the only thing that's going to solve our problem prior to, I did a lot of NIH research on biomarkers heart attack and we had to use the academic environment for acquiring the data, we had to use hospitals we had to get the heart attack samples we had to ship it across the country to FAMA to help do it, and that was really truly trans-disciplinary approaches to come up with a solution.

We no longer in this reductionist environment where you break down something to its component parts and you can fix things like that. We have to go across disciplines and I think that excites me the most that people are now realizing that.