When Does the Physician Intervene?

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You know there's two models. So there's the clinical practice model and then there's the corporate, population health model. The physician really intervene where there's an actual medical issue. Maybe it's the time when you've gone through three medical interventions, phone call, text message, emails.

And then you need to see a physician to help explain why this is important, but also what happening is at the same time there is a drive force, and as we know in the developed world we always do things out of necessity, just like financial crises causes to change so many things about regulations.

Similarly what's happening with health care reform is now incentives are being placed not only for individual patients but employees only 60% of American get health insurance through the employer and the employer are actually now allowed health care reform to incentivise based on body weight, based on blood pressure control, based on not smoking.

So, the culture has to be there and the culture is there and it's emerging. So, the beauty about it is now, as you have companies like Sharp, they're saying, you're going to get $1, 000  of your health insurance. If you do these things and you meet these incentives, so the culture has been there and also what's happening with the healthcare reform is that even the individuals that are not reaching their incentives, companies are being forced to spend dollars on those to go through something, and a lot of those dollars being spent for gym memberships, and things again that are isolated and are not combined.

Not part of the design or ecosystem that actually is going to make any difference it's just kind of a way of a company saying, hey let's just do something so by building a system and what we're finding it's about systematic it's about being systematic with what you do and we can change it here, we've done it all the time, if you look at recycling, this country what we've done before with recycling, look at what we've done smoking, look at what we do when we have a baby, we change our behavior as possible and so I think mobile technology and visual health is already doing that, and you know people are interested and yet 400, 000 people, that bought 23 meters and a million that are planning to do this year.