Through Quantified Self and 24/7 Monitoring, Are You Creating a Nation of Hypochondriacs?

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The reason of hypochondriacs are sometimes troublesome for doctors is because they come back to us, and they want more, they want more done, they worry. The beauty is in the actual practice what you're seeing is hypochondriacs, actually love this model because now they feel like they're in control.

Thy're now monitoring things, they feel like they can do instead of searching for disease, they're searching for waste, actually do thing to cleanse, they are best patients, that was one of the things that really struck me the most as surprising and it's just going to show you, and as much we know about medicine there is that much that we don't know and I think in with going from a society where medicine became so technical and it took pride on how you could start coronary artistic and you're teaching cardiac fellows on how to put more [xx] and to where now the art forms of engagement, this is what medicine was 100 years ago, it was holding hands, it was being a family, being a kind of member of the family, and so what happening is that, these people for the first time are getting them engaged with the process of quantitative self and that day actually end up shifting the focus from the disease to actually prevention.