Is This Technology Scalable?

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So let's just take an example, we have learnt about 250 people come through our practice but right now we are working on the largest project on non governmental employers in Santiago 15, 000 people and the way you do it is basically you identify those that are in high risk at first a really costing society and employers, enlarging on that even from the direct medical course if you look at where the cost come from is reduced productivity, present teams to work and under optimal or sub optimal conditions a s well as absenteeism, the direct medical course, the xx] seven came up with a report, an unhealthy America, the economic burden on chronic disease in 2007, and they said $1.1 trillion was lost simply from reduced productivity from chronic disease, and only 350 billion was related like medical cost from players.

So health ways says about 900 billion can be saved through effective workplace wellness programs, the problem has been today is there is work place while on this program have been static. They've been in an analogue state in a digital world, they give you questionnaires that are subjective, that you fell out, is health risk questionnaires, and then maybe you have somebody telling you or talking to you about many months.

Now the whole paradigm has shifted, you don't have to fill out questionnaires and if you do, it's all automated, because it's like you're measuring things, you don't have to ask them how often they [xx] you don't ask them [xx]. So that's what the scale comes in that, if you have the right software that integrates this different physiologic parameters, then now you can deliver messaging, and so that's why a lot my nurse is welcomed home, they're delivering Webinas to help on nutrition, to groups of people.

So it's really a virtual world of medicine, and the doctors coordinating we round on patients, we round, you have a 200 to 500, and as you rounding on other people that are not logging, that are not doing certain things. People that are doing it, they are automatically are changing the behavior, so out of 500 people, you're rounding on 100.