Is Technology the Future of Medicine?

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It is the future from a standpoint of managing populations. You're always gonna need doctors to operate, you're always going to need chemotherapy answer patient for people that develop cancer, but when you look at the preventable diseases of diabetics that can reduce facial fat come off medications we've seen that all the time.

Hypertensive people improve their VO2 which is also a surrogate for cardiorespiratory fitness, their blood pressure proper drops, right, by tracking your meal and making them log one day a week all of a sudden they realize that sodium levels were high so maybe they cut down on sodium.

All this can be automated, you can put alerts for every hypertensive patient, you know when they're taking in great amounts of sodium and if you have the culture of the corporate wellness environment then you know this so the answer to that is that, there's a segment of medicine that is going to be a virtual and it's gonna be focused on our population health management.

You'll always need hospitals but I think what you are going to see is care is going to be moved more from a clinic and bricks and motor space to virtual space.