Is Mobile Technology the Solution to the Healthcare Crisis?

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Mobile technology is not the solution, mobile health is. Whats the difference? Mobile technology focus around the sensor around the hardware around data collection but it's how you leverage that data that's mobile health, right? So the first things that needs to be done and the reasons why doctors need to be involved and the reason why we need to get engaged is because before you had nutritionist or personal trainer in a gym looking at variables like cedeolestic fitness, but they don't have the the scientific training to understand how to look at the paper, how do you pick the [INAUDIBLE] what we call end point, so look at cholesterol for example all right, when we look at cholesterol and we put someone on a Statin okay, there's a certain amount of data that you have to be on lookout and say okay this is why I need to put someone on satin.

So the first thing that needs to happen with mobile health before it can be the solution we have to pick the right end points, [INAUDIBLE] not the answer, great to 50% of heart attacks occur in people normal class normal I cardiologist I know this beyond that if you look at what we call the absolute risk reduction for primary prevention, so there's a primary prevention for somebody that doesn't have existing coronary disease.

You have to treat 100 people to prevent one death, Okay, now there 's some very prominent physicians that has come out in the general American medical associates some of the other general saying that a healthy man should not take statins because for every 100 people you prevent to death out of every 200 someone developes diabetes.

But when you look at cardiovascular fitness improving your ability to do higher workloads through fitness the number needed one death is five, and the studies are just now emerging because it wasn't until 1996 when I believe a certain general came out and said you should exercise.

exercise the data on exercising and the benefits of improving cardio restrain, of reductions of body fat and the technology is just energing so first thing in order for mobile to be effective is we have to have a discussion around what are we measuring and what are we trying to change.

If you just gonna put this out there make people walk more that's not going to make us a more healthy society. It might but it's not going to really solve the problem to really be in mobile health we have to find the [UNKNOWN] end points that matter collect the data before hand, see what it does after him, publish this data we need to start engaging these tool and the ecosystem that change these [INAUDIBLE] endpoints and not be a pharma-driven model.

Because cholesterol and statins is what you hear about largely this is been a concoction by the pharma industry to really make it seem like that's the only thing we can do to prevent diseases, to treat people's cholesterol.