How Do You Inspire the Next Generation of Healthcare Providers?

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You know it is interesting, I actually don't have to say much, they just come and see what we are doing and they are just enamored by it, they actually are they grow up in a world where their right hand their extension was there smartphone. So right now we have several of those practitioners that are in their late 20's, all my staff is in their 30's a lot of them, and few in the 50's, but we find that the young people come into this, they're like this is the way medicine should be practiced then I think that you don't have to say much, you have to show them, and I think if you show them how it can be done they will get very engaged we have a long list every time we post an ad we have you know many, many people doctors, nurses, we don't have trouble finding great talent, so I think that if we build it they will come model for both patients and health care practitioners is true.