How Do You Encourage Those That You Put on a Health Regiment to Actually Participate?

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You don't focus on the outcome, you don't focus on the actual task of eating healthy or eating right. What you focus on first thing we tell them, don't worry about anything, get used to just measuring. First month, just measure what you're doing, that's it. Measure your steps measure your heart rate, and don't worry about results, and then all of a sudden you start doing the thing you start sending the messages.

Hey, try exercising a little more and all of the sudden, when you start seeing your data, it's just you start doing things because you're just getting used to the behavior tracking. So once you get used to behavior tracking, and somebody gives you some guidance, you automatically migrate towards changing those things because you realize, it's not dramatic and many instances it's subtle and those subtle changes.

If you look at population health, there would be stories that if you just get people to lose three pounds, three pounds of visceral fat. BMI is a terrible predictor of anything, it's just, two people can be same BMI yet have completely different body fat percentages. But if you get people to just lose two pounds of visceral fat from the waist, you're talking about billions of dollars of savings to the health care systems.

So we are talking about population health management and on individual basis like you and I, we might tweak it for performance, but for the larger population it's somebody who's never measured anything doesn't even realize what they are putting in their mouth or what they are doing on daily basis.