Does a Consumer Now Have to be Engaged in Their Healthcare?

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The consumer, actually, interestingly enough they're driving it, they're buying lots of these. 400, 0000 23 in [xx] genetic tests report last year this year they are projecting of a million people buying their genetic tests so they're already engaged. Field bands, you have probably seen the Nike field bands, the problem of what we're seeing if you just get that and your generating the data, it's noble, it's cool, but then after that, how does this impact my health? So that's where we come in, the other paradigm I believe is collect, collect data, interpret and explain and so in addition to a measure, monitor and motivate, it's collect, interpret and explain, education, we don't have a diabetes and obesity problem in this country, we've got an education problem, and we got an awareness problem.

People don't, the most sophisticated people really don't understand how to eat and how to exercise and what is exercise. There is so much strategy that can go behind that but, and we have the technology that actually measure it and do it remotely but we haven't done it, so today the technology is there so increasing awareness to quantifying your depressional dashboard and then also understanding predispositions to your genetic predespositions and it's following that up with actually implementing a plan to improving awareness and educate on what is the right thing's to do.