Do You Think Quantified Self Is a Passing Fad?

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Oh, no. This is the future. I just spoke at a conference where I showed the first slide was a cover Wired magazine from 2009. And on the cover, it was living by your numbers, and it said track your data, analyse your results and optimize your life, and it really struck me at that time and the reason why it struck me was because if you don't measure what you're doing, you can't manage it.

You know that in business [UNKNOWN], it's been common. But beyond that, if you look at what chronic diseases are, they are preventable diseases and so by increasing awareness we found, that people automatically start changing their behavior without even realizing just because they are counting things that they never did.

When somebody gets home and they don't realize that they've only gone 2000 steps because they sat in front of a computer all day, or their blood pressure, they can all over sudden see their own blood pressure night and day and you can dose medication differently. That's not a by-product of a San Diego or a Lahoya Hawaii.

This is something that human behavior. It's about behavior of science.