Do Health Monitors Give Patients a False Sense of Security?

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So what I think is emerging right now is a new specialty medicine, and this is not the first time. If you look in 1975, the academy Sleep Medicine was started in that time frame because sleep disorders started cripping up in thousands and there was really no specialty to deal with those individuals.

You had people sleep apnoea, all these different disorders and what happened was he formed a new society and new fellowship. So you had all these different doctors, you had cardiologist, pulmonologist, ENT doctors, internal medicine doctors that go and study and sleep and so you now have sleep doctors similarly what you're going to have is the creation of a new specialty doctor, where you have internist that are still dealing with the acute care but you're going to have digital medicine, digital health specialists that really have ecosystems built around managing populations of chronic disease and patients love.

If you look at some of the testimonials and the outcomes, they really love the fact that they feel they're in control. So I do think that what you're seeing is a creation of a new specialty that I anticipate in the 3-5 years, we'll formalize and you'll have some formal training in this area.

At least I hope that we go in that direction.