Are Privacy Issues a Big Deal?

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I see what's happened with Facebook and connectivity on the social side I see that people more comfortable you already seen that with that 23 many people are sharing their genetic data, I think that we are breaking down barriers that were previously thought to be present, the paternalistic approach that health information is the domain of the doctor and that even patients may not be allowed to look at it, that's all going, but what has to be very, very top of mind for anybody looking to build systems where you're engaging patients through their own data is privacy.

So I think HIPA compliance, which is the health information Patient Portability Act which really regulates privacy data, I think that's going to be a big deal for software, where our particular platform is HIPA compliant, and the you can do it, and I think that you can selectively choose what you want to share, maybe you're okay with sharing your heart rate data, your blood pressure data, or you don't want to share your cholesterol, and so that is true, and I think that privacy is definitely an issue, I don't think it's something that we can get an hold of.