Is Family History a Big Risk Factor for Alzheimer's?

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Family history is the second greatest risk factor for Alzheimer's after age. So if you have, first, if your relative's Alzheimer's, your risks is higher. The worst case scenario is when you have first degree relatives with Alzheimer's striking under 60 years old, because this is the rare form of Alzheimer's.

Only probably 5% of the disease strikes under 60. And if it strikes that early, usually it involves gene mutations that are very strong where lifestyle doesn't matter so much, and gene mutations themselves are sufficient to cause the disease. So you have to have a drug to fix it, because lifestyle [xx].

So there's a spectrum, the earlier at the age of onset, among for us to be relatives, the more concerned you should be about getting disease. Now if you're in the family where first three relatives got at 90, yeah, genetics is a play, but I mean, I don't think there's a single case of Alzheimer's where geneticsism play somehow, but the older you get it, the less influence of the genes and the more influence of lifestyle.