What Was Your Experience Like as a Patient Dealing with a Serious Medical Condition?

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I was lucky there are some things I learned, I learned that you have to break time down into bite size information, you can't look at six months from here you got to look how through the day. I learned to set little goals for me it was to get out of bed and walk to the neighbor's mail box and back and the next day I was going to walk two mail boxes and back, I mean that's ludicrous.

In California the houses are very close, right? It's not a big accomplishment but it was a goal that was achieved. It was discovering this indomitable spirit that we each have. It was recognizing that I had to lean on others, that I couldn't do it alone, even though my pride, our pride makes it really hard to accept help from somebody when you know you're never going to able pay it back.

Incredibly difficult to do but when you do that, you bless the person that wants to help you and one day, if you get a chance to thank them, you'll repay them but if you get a chance to thank them, and I think in coming through that you learn what you're on this earth, it gives you a mission and our challenge is to find out what it is and when you find it and you can serve others, it means it's a fuel for life.