Is Our Healthcare System Incentivized to Be a Sick Care System?

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To say that we have a healthcare system is wrong, we have a sick-care system. We have a system that rewards the sort of major event rescuer at the end of a person's life or sort of cataclysmic event what we need to do is shift that. Not a fee-for-service but a health model, where you actually incentivise a person to stay out of the hospital, often.

The facilities that provide the sort of dramatic care that bypasses the stints and all the things that are amazing, but wouldn't it be cool if we didn't have to go there, wouldn't it be neat with all of our genetic testing now that you can know ahead of time or when a diagnosis is made, manage your disease better, more efficiently with less waste and that's where we are coming to, that's what's exciting.

We have by necessity I think unleashed the opportunity to these very bright minds out there, that are going to find the solution. Now it's going to be painfully slow because everybody's got to change, right? Start with the federal government with responsibilities to protect us, the FDA, the doctors behaviors have to change, they've got to embrace new technology but they are scared, they have liability issues.

But at the end of the day they want to provide good care for us, we just have to give them the tools of resources, the [UNKNOWN] to come alongside them to do all that.