Do We Have an Obesity Epedemic in the US?

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Obviously obesity is an enormous issue the cascading, some of it associated with our frightening they're incredibly costly, the human cost of people that end up having to deal with those issues is enormous. There is not a silver bullet, if there had been one we wouldn't be having this problem.

It's going to be part of everything we've talked about. It's culturally, teaching the parents how to eat better so that their kids learn, engaging their parents in their kid's lifestyle choices. It's giving them the tools that are available, the technology tools that monitor itself.

It's a game of vacation of the center, the reward's for the fun it. It's the social stigma associated with it that's come to bare necessity. The cost burned that's being passed to the patient that's going to have an impact on this. It's really all of these things together that ultimately is going to create a shift.

But we can do it, we can do it. We've done it in so many different things, that's a matter of time. Now it's been raised as a real big issue on the radar of healthcare.