Are We at an Inflection Point in Healthcare Today?

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I read a book recently called The Dip and The Dip is if the graph axis is like this, when you have some access at something first you start feeling good about it and it gets exciting. And also things get hard, harder I know I got enough money can I get there and you sit in this dip and at that dip you have to make a decision, is it too hard am I going to quit, or am I going to pass through the dip and experience the upside that is sort of the hockey stick side.

I believe that's kind of where we are in all of this health care change evolution revolution of technology, the ability to connect with each other we had a little success early now we sort of on the downward side we are heading towards this dip of trying to shake the FTA to approve things quickly to get CMS to recognize that these things are important to work with, the pair to realize that we've got to make these kind of changes to get the docs to accept the integration of some of the centers that we have and work through the liability issues.

But if we do that we're going to have enormous benefits, personally our own health, I think culturally, I think from a budgetary point of view. It's a radical change, a radical change but we got go through the tough times of figuring out how to get through that dip to get to the explosive upside where things will be fundamentally different.