How One Pro Football Player's Serious Illness Helps Others

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There's no doubt that if I had the tools in 1979 and 1980 that I have available today, it would have accelerated things, it would have made a lot of my sleepless night pass easier. People talk about the last mile, how do you take these incredible technologies and actually get them to be used by patients? Engaged patients, that's the trick.

The tip of the spear in this change is going to be the engaged patient that is excited about learning, understanding, being responsible for your own health, I would urge that it's a perfect time to change the doctor patient relation. I think one of the things that we all have learned is the patient has to own some of this responsibility.

We haven't been allowed to own that. The doctors kept their information to themselves. They go and check your blood pressure unless you ask they just write it on a chart you don't even know. This is now just becoming a primary target that hasn't been addressed or shot at before and now we're seeking very right minds on a problem that we know has to be addressed.

At the end of the day, what you're what you're able to do with all of that is empower the individual, and ultimately there needs to be a shift of look, even though I'm 100 pounds overweight, take care of me to know I got to be responsible for that to an extent that I can be. To think that you are going to blow the ocean overnight isn't going to happen honestly, but what it does require is that people who are passionate about this, work in their little space, and influence and I think that's how it happen, now I'm not a hero, I gave up 100 times, but there were people around me that wouldn't give up on me.

And I want to be part of the group that does not give up on that. I believe there are three questions that every patient asks in a variety of setttings but they are never articulated. The first is can I trust you and I trust the purveyor of this information, the second thing is are you committed to excellence, the patient wants to know from the doctor, are you really up to date on all that's is going on in the space, you know the latest research, you know the latest option for me, and the last question which is probably the hardest answer, give a rapidly we're moving connect is, you care about me as a person.

Am I just patient in room 24, or am I just person you're emailing? Do you really know my feelings, my fears, my hope?.